Apart from construction and production as well as installation of weighing devices for industry, WAGMONT also offers computer software for its devices. It is developed strictly for the needs of particular devices. It is important to use only legal, branded software, for proper functioning of the whole system.

When developing software for our devices, we pay attention to its intuitiveness, but also functionality. It must increase the use value of the whole system and, at the same time, be reliable and compatible with other computer software.

To satisfy the increasing expectations of Customers, we pay attention to submitted suggestions for software changes and modifications that we try to take into account when working on new, better and richer software versions.

WaGsteR – car scales operation software

For the comfort of Customers, WAGMONT has developed special WaGsteR car scales operation software. This application works under Windows OS and handles databases in car scales. It is WAGMONT’s copyrighted software, however, its efficiency equals many custom programs.

The application uses SQL, allowing to safely store data and use the software even in a network of several computers. Software’s capabilities are wide and useful not only in companies with a single weighing device but also in complex structures of industrial plants.

The website contains a detailed operation manual, as well as TRIAL version of the software. Licence files are made available to Customers after previous contact.

WaGsteR software has several types, depending on the intended use:

  • WaGsteR LighT - basic version of the software, containing only most important components;
  • WaGsteR Eco - special software for waste storage, sewage treatment plants and similar industries. It allows to issue necessary documents such as KEO (waste record note), KPO (waste transfer note), balance sheets, annual statements;
  • WaGsteR Fv – apart from software it also has a module for issuing VAT invoices and records VAR registers;
  • WaGsteR Automat – software cooperating with magnetic card readers, signal lights and barriers; it also has a module for automatic weighing.

What is our innovative software characterized by?

Apart from the use on an SQL server, the possibility of the aforementioned work on many computer stands using a single program has a variety of other features:

  • Handling of two scales;
  • It has a special algorithm for searching and arranging weighing operations (which is new on the market!);
  • It allows to enter several users, given that each of them may have different rights;
  • It handles signal lights, readers and barriers as well as photocells and most of weight meters;
  • The software can control passages in a module-based or equipment-based manner;
  • It allows to define the names of all tables used;
  • It allows to generate balance sheets and reports thanks to a well-developed module;
  • It places graphic characters on printouts in accordance with the needs and instructions;
  • It includes a prompting module, thanks to which software navigation is simple and comfortable;
  • It offers extensive configuration, which allows to use the software for numerous tasks;
  • The possibility of handling the software from the level super admin’s account, which, for instance, allows to backup the database, import or export settings, etc.;

WaGsteR software offers also different, almost unlimited possibilities enabling unconfined use of car scales in various industries. Every user will surely find some features which seem important to them and make the use of the weighing device easier.