wagi kolejowe

Some industries require strictly specialized scales, for instance scales controlling the weight of a given product lifted with cranes. A perfect solution in such situations are crane scales manufactured by WAGMONT. We make such scales from scratch as well as develop travelling crabs on the existing cranes – everything in accordance with the developed designs approved by the Office of Technical Inspection.

Development works are not included in the standard offer, therefore, both the device and the crane may be adapted to individual needs of the ordering party or modify a typical crane scales from our company’s offer. Any adaptation works do not affect the scales’ authorization if you use our help.

Crane scales work by means of specifically encased strain gauges using the latest digital technologies with which we replace most of the ways of weighing used so far which are no longer good enough.

Professional and complex installation of WAGMONT scales

Crane scales are quite complicate devices in terms of construction, therefore, apart from the sales of scales, WAGMONT offers professional installation services on site. We provide our services using wireless transmission, which significantly shortens the time of installation and allows to resign from costly cabling requiring additional reconstruction.

Crane scales made by WAGMONT work perfectly for years and allow to effectively work at a plant they were built in.