wagi kolejowe

Cars are heavy – everyone knows it. So heavy that it is impossible for one person to lift even the smallest one, not to mention a loaded one where the load may weigh much more than the car itself. Thanks to car scales we can easily estimate load weight by weighing the car with and without it.

In order to weigh an automotive vehicle, it is necessary to drive the vehicle onto a special weighing platform - a weighing device with a drive-on function, embedded in the base. Thanks to such a simple and stable construction it is possible to weigh cars without lifting them, only by driving onto the weighing platform.

Apart from load weight assessment, weighing platforms are used to determine the weight of cars, control weighing of loaded cars, determining the maximum permissible mass of vehicles.

WAGMONT offers not only sale of weighing platforms with appropriate length and width. We also install them in specified places, starting from earth and construction works, through logistic solutions allowing to improve the way of car movement and weighing by means of barriers, card readers and the like.

Complex service means comfort and savings

If in your business it is advisable or even necessary to have car scales, the best solution will be to use the services of our company, offering complex sales and installation services. The result will be a favourable investment for you, entrusted to the best specialists. Additionally, we provide professional modifications of the specification of custom-made scales, scales with special requirements.