wagi kolejowe

Scales of this type are most frequently used in various industries – light, heavy, extractive, chemical and many others. Industrial scales are used for precise measurements of the weight of various objects and goods of high tonnage.

Accurate calibration, precision of measurements and failure-free operation of scales are priorities, therefore, our industrial scales are manufactured with great care for every detail and made of the best components, raw materials and with the use of the best technologies on the market.

We offer mainly scales based on digital technology - the most popular weighing technology on the market nowadays. Scales digitalization guarantees precise, accurate results and, what is more, provides great comfort of use. Various types of scales – platform scales or drive-on scales – allow to place various heavy goods on them without effort and waste of time. They are made of materials resistant to mechanical damage, indentation, scratches, as well as other factors, such as chemical ones. Scales meters are very convenient to use, clear and simple – so that they could work as efficiently as possible. The scales are used both in industrial buildings and outdoors.

We keep up with the times

Please, bear in mind that technological progress is continuous and past weighing methods are not only out of fashion but, first of all, inaccurate, and they do not provide the best possible results. The use of modern digital scales in your companies will surely let you relieve your employees and accelerate the weighing process.

Compatibility with other devices in production and processing industries, such as conveyors, lifts or forklifts, as well as with the process of packing in bulk containers increases the functionality of weighing devices from our offer. It is also worth mentioning that, bearing in mind the non-standard sizes of many goods, we offer a variety of scales characterized by non-standard sizes and weighing options.