wagi kolejowe

In food, chemical and other industries it is necessary to measure the weight of liquid poured into large devices, silos an other tanks. These are huge quantities and, in addition, it is necessary to take into account the weight of particular liquids depending on their density and other properties. A perfect solution to precisely determine the weight of tanks are hopper scales.

WAGMONT prepares special types of hopper scales of various sizes and extreme sensitivity of measurement. They differ in their construction, depending on their intended use and measuring needs. Thanks to digitalization in measurements, the results are provided quickly, precisely and in a highly convenient manner for the user, without great workload or special knowledge.

When constructing scales, we take into account attainable possibilities of calibration and furnishing for tanks. A significant fact is that WAGMONT installs sensors on tanks under various conditions, not always in safe zones. We work both in EX zones as well as in 1/2G and 2/3G zones.

We take care to provide the highest quality of manufactured hopper scales, as well as their reliable installation, to ensure the convenience of their use to the Customers. It should be noted that hopper scales can highly facilitate work in your plant and that it is of great importance that they are made without giving rise to any doubts as to their accuracy.