wagi kolejowe

Railway scales are necessary measuring devices to precisely determine the weight of railway carriages. In order to determine the weight, a given carriage rolls onto a special scale platform. Such a platform may be from several to a dozen or so meters long, as a Customer requires.

It consists of a special foundation and a solid scale platform which is set on strain gauges. For a measurement to be as convenient as possible, it is necessary to select appropriate gauge parameters. Measurement from gauges is processed and sent to a special device where one can read precise weight of goods carried by a railway car.

WAGMONT applies the latest digital technologies also in railway scales - it is thanks to digital gauges that the measurement is precise and can be read in an easy and quick way. Our company deals not only with consulting in this area but also with sales and installation of scale platforms at the places indicated by Customers. As a result, Customers have a guarantee of great precision and strength.