About Company

About Company

A good company means a good product

A good company means a good product, and this one does not require advertising. Despite this fact, WAGMONT has created on-line space to present its company profile as well as to show high quality of its products.

WAGMONT has existed since 1984 and has been highly successful on the domestic and foreign markets so far in heavy weighing metrology. It is a large area of industry including weighing mechanics and automatics – sciences we benefit from throughout our work when manufacturing weighing devices, namely – scales.

For the comfort of Customers, WAGMONT has been divided into three departments:

  • commercial-financial department dealing with purchases, settlements between contracting parties and other issues associated with buying any device from the company;
  • servicing and engineering department which deals with servicing the equipment and controlling its capacity for use;
  • construction and manufacturing departments, where the devices sold by the company are constructed and manufactured;

All departments closely cooperate with one another to make the highest quality weighing devices, strictly adjusted to the needs of customers and working perfectly in practical use. Great experience of the company gained over several dozen years of functioning on the market allows not only to improve our offer according to the needs of Customers, but also to develop our company and become more and more sensitive to the changing economic conditions and service standards.

Increasing demand for weighing devices in many industries as well as high requirements and constantly growing expectations of Customers towards devices and associated services, i.a. in the field of servicing and software of weighing devices allow the company to reach a position of a leading manufacturer and distributor on the domestic metrological market.

Attractive prices

We try to provide attractive prices of our products and offer interesting options of purchase for more demanding Customers. For instance, WAGMONT cooperates with a lease company, thanks to which it is easier for entrepreneurs to come into possession of fixed assets.

We strive to provide our Customers with absolutely comfortable buying system, also in terms of competitive prices, quality of service, possible complaints and returns, as well as financing in lease instalments.

We are flexible with regard to financial capabilities of our partners, namely the circle of our Customers, in particular regular ones, who have purchased our products for many years, extending their resources of weighing devices and, if necessary, replacing them with new models on favourable financial terms.

Scales for every industry

Our company’s offer is various and complex. We guarantee a wide variety of scales for the purposes of industries of all sorts, from retail commercial points, through wholesalers, scrap sales points and heavy industry. Entrepreneurs using our products and services are, first of all, large companies. These are the representatives of metallurgical, power and chemical industries, municipal institutions, extractive industry, but also the representatives of food industry.

We have an offer for everyone, and everyone can afford it. The prices are reasonable and products are excellent.

The products that we offer to our customers are, first of all, of top quality confirmed by various certificate and credentials significant in this industry..

Our Customers may choose from a variety of scales divided in terms of use, requirements and construction.

What are the grounds of the great success of our company on the market?

Well-tuned group of specialists

First of all, on the group of employees and their commitment. Our constructors and engineers make every effort to create products adapted to the needs of our customers, and the specialists from the commercial department – to help them choose an appropriate model and deliver it to the user. The company’s employees are absolutely competent, friendly and always ready to help, therefore, the service is efficient and pleasant.

Our staff is constantly learning, thanks to which we do not stand still but keep up with technological progress as well as trends on the market, providing the best service and offer in our industry.

Modern manufacturing processes and advanced software

When manufacturing weighing devices, we apply mainly digital technologies, accompanied by specialized software, offered to our Customers, making the weighing process more efficient and accelerating the operation of scales. The software is fully compatible and works perfectly in practice.

Bearing in mind the needs and problems arising in the use of our products, we create appropriate functional software increasing efficiency and comfort of its use as well as failure-free operation even in the hardest conditions.

Please, check our offer. You will surely find products and services meeting your expectations. We will make every effort to ensure that your purchases are beneficial. Please, come back for more services!